What We Do
Roof restoration by Ross the Roofer in Melbourne northern suburbs

Roof Restoration

Ross the Roofer offers complete roof restoration services to renew your roof and protect your home. We do a wide range of roof restoration works on tile roof’s. With over 50 years of experience we will do the job right at an affordable price.

Ross the Roofer roof repairs in Melbourne's northern suburbs

Roof Repairs

Is your home in need of roof repairs? Whether it’s a leaking roof, cracked or broken tiles or more, Ross the Roofer brings over 50 years of experience in roofing repairs. We provide quick call outs, affordable prices and can provide an obligation free quote and inspection of your roof.

whirleybird installation by Ross the Roofer in Northern Suburbs of Melbourne

Whirleybird Installation

Ross the Roofer can safely and expertly install whirlybirds on your roof. We have installed hundreds over the years and know how to do a quality, leak free installation. Get in touch for an obligation free quote on your whirleybird installation.

Possum removal by Ross the Roofer in the northern suburbs of Melbourne

Possum Removal

Do you have an unwanted friend staying in your roof? Possums can be noisy and can cause damage to your home. At Ross the Roofer we can remove and relocate possums quickly and safely from your roof. We’ll also fix any entry points to help keep your home and nights possum free.